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Some people dream of success. We make it happen.

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Elevate your Real Estate Business

Connecting Agents Worldwide.

Our mission is to bring Corporate Relocation opportunities to qualified Keller Williams real estate professionals who hold active relocation certifications through GRTS online (included in the KW Relocation Community membership).

As a pioneer in the Keller Williams family with a fully-staffed relocation department, we have partnered with an industry leading training & certification company, Global Relocation Training Services. All Corporate Relocation referrals are placed only with GRTS Relocation Certified real estate professionals who are members of the KW Relocation Community.

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Through Keller Williams Relocation & Referral Network, I've been able to expand my business & offer additional services to my clients.  The relocation training & certification partnership is second to none.  As an added bonus, I've capped quicker!!  It really is about 'The Golden Egg Theory' the KW Relo staff talks about.

Keller Williams Relocation Certified real estate professional - Maple Grove, MN

Image by Sean Pollock

Relocation Certifications

We have partnered with Global Relocation Training Services (GRTS) to ensure our agents maintain the highest level of relocation training, certification in the required elements and deliver top-notch service.

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Relocation Department

Our full-time, fully-staffed Relocation Department, works with Relocation Companies, Corporations and Third-Party Administrators to ensure all policies, procedures, IRS Guidelines
and relocation transactions are completed efficiently and accurately. 

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Agent Referrals

The KW Relocation Department pays referring agents a 25% referral fee and finds the RIGHT FIT KW AGENT for your client.  If your client is not happy, the Relocation Department will find another agent for them and secure the referral fee for YOU!

Image by Amy Hirschi

The KW Relocation Department Team

Get to know the industry professionals that make up our KW Relocation Department and learn about their background and expertise.

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KW Relocation Community

KW Relocation Dept

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