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Your Relocation Department

Serving ALL of Keller Williams Nationwide


The Keller Williams Relocation Department is here to help grow all Keller Williams agent's businesses.  We have a fully-staffed Relocation Department designated to focusing on corporate relocation and expanding the Keller Williams brand into the relocation niche.  Our staff works with Corporations, Relocation Companies & Third-Party Administrators when employees are transferred around the globe.

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We have a combined 60+ years in the corporate relocation industry. We are well respected throughout the industry and are passionate about delivering another element to the Keller Williams brand and family. The KW Relocation Department prides itself on consistency, professionalism and a proven track record as the keys to our success. How are we different? Our Relocation Department is not an "agent team".  We are a fully-staffed Relocation Department and have the established systems in place, implemented policies & procedures and a solid foundation that the relocation industry demands and expects.  We take on all the overhead (staff salaries, office rent, technology fees, marketing expenses, membership fees and transferring of utilities into the Relocation Department name for inventory transactions so the individual Market Centers and/or Agents do not have to.

The KW Relocation Department Staff

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Christina Griffin
Relocation Community Director

Christina Griffin is in the top 1% of all real estate agents in the United States, with an illustrious career in distressed properties and relocation that has spanned nearly two decades.

Christina is a Maps coach and loves to coach and train agents. Christina entered the world of real estate as a bright-eyed and determined 18 year-old, managing a 650 unit community while balancing motherhood. She has always displayed unparalleled leadership qualities and the hunger to succeed, both of which earned her the #53 spot on The Wall Street Journal/REAL Trends Top 1,000 Individual Agent List in 2016, among her countless accolades, including being the recipient of an Elder Award and nominated for Tampa Bay Business Journal Woman of the Year Award in 2016. She has 5200 solds under her belt, and her properties average only 5 days on market, with a list-to-sale price ratio of 101%. She specializes in all aspects of the distressed properties field, and made history by creating and leading the first short sale department with her prior company.

As a firm advocate for the importance of family, Christina feels a personal commitment to cultivating communities and fostering home ownership. With distressed properties brings distressed families, and the key to Christina’s success and longevity is her compassion for her fellow human beings. Her strengths lie in teaching others how to master their thinking to achieve success. She is the epitome of “fall nine times, get up 10!” So, what is her secret? According to Christina, “Success is yours if you are willing to work for it unyieldingly. Be coachable and be humble. Take control of what is in your control, and do not waste any energy on the uncontrollable. Don’t see a door? Make one! Where others see obstacles, see opportunity! Setbacks reveal your weak-points and allow you to adjust your game plan. Always make a Plan A and a Plan B—and a Plan C through Z. Failure is never an option.”

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Liz Parker

Relocation Director

Liz’s responsibilities as Relocation Director include managing each transaction from procurement to close. She acts as the liaison between the relocation management company (RMC) and the agent.

Her primary duties include reviewing every BMA/ERC report, all listing & purchase contracts for thoroughness & accuracy prior to submission to the RMC to sign off.  Liz is proficient in managing the transactions, reviewing documents, obtaining, and providing updates from the agents to the RMCs. She is knowledgeable, detailed, professional and timely in her communications and seeks to find a “Win-Win” in complex and challenging cases. Her ability to advocate for the agent and appease the client is extraordinary.  She is well known in the industry and her reputation is outstanding amongst her peers.

Liz joined Keller Williams in May, 2013 as a full-time Relocation Director. She has 22+ years of experience working in the corporate relocation industry.  Her primary focus is nurturing and growing the Keller Williams relationships with corporations, relocation companies and third-party administrators, while placing transferees/referrals with  KW Relocation Community Members who are GRTS relocation certified and best meet the transferee/client’s needs.

Through her already established relationships, Liz has secured over 50+ relocation companies who work with the Keller Williams Relocation Department to place transferring employees with qualified GRTS Relocation Certified real estate professionals within Keller Williams Relocation Community. Relocation is Liz’s passion. Her strength is showing agents the “big picture” with relocation by educating them and changing their mindset. 

Liz has two children, Ethan and Whitney, who are the driving force behind her strive to work hard each and every day.  She enjoys spending her free time making memories with her children, traveling and at her cabin in Wisconsin.  

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Tammy Chevalier

Relocation Director &

Relo Dept Manager

Tammy has been instrumental in conceiving the vision and designing the business model for the Relocation Department and bringing relocation business to KWRI on a grand scale. She has been successful in putting KW on the map in the relocation industry.

For over 22 years, her passion for corporate relocation has driven her to train and educate agents on the nuances of relocation and deliver top-notch service to relocation companies and transferees. Prior to becoming a licensed realtor, Tammy worked as an Office Manager for an athlete rep firm, which represented pro-hockey players in their contract negotiations with NHL teams and endorsements.  Her responsibilities included managing seven offices in 4 countries, managing player contracts once negotiated with their respective teams, all financial aspects of the department and player relocations when traded from one team to another.


In early 2011, Tammy joined Keller Williams and made it her mission to bring corporate relocation business to KW on a national scale.  Her role as Relocation Director will be to train & educate KW Relocation Community Members in all aspects of Corporate Relocation, with a focus on the GRTS Relocation Certification modules, to be the best in the industry working with corporate relocation transactions. She will oversee day-to-day operations of the Relocation Department, manage referral placement and all financial aspects of the department. She is determined to grow brand exposure, while increasing KW’s market share in the relocation niche.


Tammy is a licensed realtor in Minnesota & Montana. She is a successful investor and owns several STR properties on the edge of Yellowstone National Park & in northern Minnesota, near the Boundary Waters. Her hobbies include mountain climbing, hiking, kayaking, spending time in nature and she has a passion for grizzly bears. She played ice-hockey for 27 years, playing on teams that went to the USA Hockey Nationals 3 consecutive years. Tammy enjoys spending her free time with her two cocker spaniels, Laiken & Luna and time at her cabins in Montana & Ely, MN

Golden Egg Opportunity - Get Yours Today

Corporate Relocation referral fees can be high and each one provides the GRTS Relocation Certified real estate professional with a "Golden Egg Opportunity" that they would not have otherwise had. Corporations, Relocation Companies & Third-Party Administrators do not typically work directly with Realtors, they generally require and prefer to work with Relocation Departments and Relocation Directors and they do require agents to be Relocation Certified. Therefore, realtors may get requested on a corporate transfer but once closed their referral ends there. Not anymore!! Keller Williams Relocation Department is changing the lives of our agents when they become relocation certified through Global Relocation Training Services as members of the KW Relocation Community.


Several Keller Williams realtors have "capped quicker" by working with our Relocation Department, receiving corporate relocation referrals they would not have otherwise. Once our realtors become GRTS Relocation Certified real estate professionals, they qualify to receive corporate relocation referrals as members of the KW Relocation Community.


Realtors do not need to be GRTS Relocation Certified for C-A-P or other referrals unless specifically requested by the referring agent or client. Our Relocation Department is growing referral business for all Keller Williams agents one referral at a time.

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Join the KW Relocation Community today and Become GRTS Relocation Certified Today


GRTS Relocation Certified real estate professionals add value to their businesses by opening the door to receive Corporate Relocation referrals through the Keller Williams Relocation Department.


The Keller Williams Relocation Department works with Keller Williams Market Centers around the global to place referrals from our corporate relocation partners and CAP-referral network. Corporate relocation referrals are placed with KW Relocation Community members who are GRTS Relocation Certified real estate professionals. GRTS Relocation Certifications are included as part of the KW Relocation Community Membership.


General referrals placed through the Relocation Department are not required to hold a GRTS Relocation Certification unless specifically requested by the referring agent or client.  This helps to ensure that the agent receiving the referral is experienced and certified in the areas you, the agent placing the referral, requests and that your client is working with a highly skilled, professional real estate agent.

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